Big Companies & Excellent Players At FB

Facebook advertising has open many doors of opportunities for all types businesses. Even big businesses that already had their own share of fans even before the launching of Facebook still pay attention to this very influential social networking site. In fact, studies show that it is these companies that are making the best use of Facebook advertising. There are factors behind the success of big companies playing consistently in the social network, but perhaps the most important factor is their ability to make the most out of Facebook interactive features. This is evident in many companies who were able to produce new designs for their upcoming products by starting a design contest among their fans. Others give away freebies and are able to attractmore and more Facebook fans. Although some of these fans may not stick around, but through “sponsored stories” in Facebook they may be able to gain the contacts of their fans. This works when any of their fans clicks the like button on their fan page. His action will then be displayed in the news feed of his contacts, and this has the potential to compel them to do the same.
Here are some of the excellent players at Facebook advertising and what makes their fan pages unique and stand out from the crowd, and hopefully it will give some inspiration to all businesses suffering a mental block.
One top player would be Best Buy where the company uses a simple set up to let visitors browse product categories and buy online. It also encourages users to share products and contents with the contacts in heir list. Another would be BMW with their fanpage featuring a call-to-action which is very difficult for any user to dismiss. As for Body Shop, it gives users useful information on how they may obtain discounts. It’s different with Cadillac because they go for heavy and high-quality content. Their fan page is full of both videos and photos, and they have an engaging landing page. Disney’s fanpage was able to create a landing page in Facebook that features their latest films while Dunkin’ Donuts has a user-oriented page, with games and competitions.
Other key players – and big winners at Facebook advertising include Fox News. Their fanpage is simple, yet giving to clear distinct calls to actions. Either you click that like button or begin using their apps. It’s the same with Heinz. The company has especially come up with a fan page for its ketchup, probably their most popular product. The page shows the product development and allows direction interaction with users. Honda has similar moves to accommodate their wide range of cars – it has created a fan page for its various models! Much like Honda, Nokia redirects their fans to specific fan pages, but not based on products but based on location. As for Intel, the company combines technology with creativity to push global competition, and for their part, the McDonald’s page features rich media, through which they advertise their new products. Sony, like MacDonald and Cadillac, depends heavily on rich media, especially on video to promote its brand culture and products.
But the list of prominent Facebook advertisers doesn’t end there. We have Pepsi which makes use of its pages to interact with users, provide them information, and run their ads. Then there’s Tiffany & Co. that has proven that even luxury brands can engage on Facebook. Its Facebook landing page can capture users’ data by inviting them to join a mailing list, which can be seen beside a showcase of all their products in the current season. For their part, Starbucks has kept it simple by driving their fans to their Card app, which can help them keep informed of their infidel loyalty accounts.
Another reason that makes big players excel at Facebook advertising lies in their ability to create engaging, innovative, and creative advertising online. They create unique tabs in their business pages, which are also the landing points for their Facebook visitors, instead of the regular Facebook Wall. While it is true that Facebook has a static form that requires some modification, but through Facebook Markup Language (FBML), it’s neither difficult nor expensive, to create some good looking landing pages that has the potential of drawing the millions of Facebook users. This is why it is so surprising that many companies, especially the small ones put so little effort into Facebook in coming up with a more creative fan page, especially with all the attention the market is giving to this platform.