Facebook Advertising – Disapproval FAQ

For a Facebook advertising to be successful, it needs to be approved in the first place. It is a fact that all the procedures that are carried out in creating an FB ad are all under your control. On the other hand, once you submit the ad, whether it will be approved or disapproved is not for you to decide.

There are many questions that regard to ads disapprovals. Some of you may find it not so interesting, but undoubtedly this is one topic you cannot disregard. So here are some of the most common questions that most marketers ask regarding disapprovals.

Question #1. What happens if a FB ad is disapproved?

Answer: There are two courses of action that an advertiser can do when he receives a message from the Facebook about the disapproval. They can either edit the ad or create a new one. You’ll know if your ads need just a little editing, because you will see an edit button on your advertisement; on the other hand, if there is no edit button, it means that your ad didn’t meet the FB guidelines.

Question #2. Can I re-submit a disapproved advertisement?

Answer: Yes, you can. Actually, you can even resubmit the ad without editing it. Well that is if you are confident enough that your advertisement is according to Facebook advertising rules. Take note that it is highly recommended to submit at a different day and time. One of the reasons is that the process for approval is subjective, which means that a different FB advertisement team member may approve your ad.

Question #3. Will Facebook charge me for disapprove ads?

Answer: Nope. FB does not charge for disapproved ads because there are no clicks, obviously.

Question #4. When an ad is disapproved due to prohibited content, what exactly does this mean?

Answer: Facebook does not allow certain products and services, including but not limited to the following: tobacco products; pornography; weapons; racially or religiously inflammatory content; counterfeit goods…

So that’s it. A few of you who are not planning to create an ad may think that these issues may not affect you in any way. However, if you come to think of it, knowing these facts in advance can give you some ideas as to what types of ads are allowed on FB and prevent you from making mistakes. The process of Facebook advertising submission is pretty straightforward, so just be mindful of your ads and everything will be okay.