Facebook Advertising – Effective Advertising For Free

Whenever we talk about social networking sites, Facebook always emerges on top. Multiply, MySpace and Friendster have already been considered as old school and have been shunned for years now. Needless to say, Facebook is not only utilized for connection and socialization but also for advertising.

Considering the rising number of Facebook users and subscribers reaching to almost one billion, there is no denying that this is the new face of advertising. Traditional media like prints and ads are likewise effective however not cost efficient. Unlike those, Facebook is far effective in reaching out to as many prospects as possible while making the entire transaction cost free.

Here are some Facebook tips that you can use in order to maximize Facebook’s capabilities in terms of advertising.
Tip 1: Facebook profile. Every account in Facebook requires a form to fill up. This includes your name, education, connection, interests and even relationship status. If you are a business owner, it would be best to link your Facebook profile to your business. This can be done by adding in the business information under the description box. Furthermore, if you have a business website, you can simply put the address in there as well. To make your profile more appealing to your connections and prospect consumers, changing your Facebook cover photo and profile picture with your business logo is highly recommended.

Tip 2: Fan Page. Just years ago, Facebook created a new medium in order to create a dedicated Fan page. This apparently does not hold true for celebrities and popular individuals, but even businesses can utilize the power of a fan page. This can aid you in getting in touch with your customers and even adding more in the process. Your personal FB profile can only add as much as 5000 friends in it. With a fan page the number of possible subscribers is limitless. If you have something new to share with your customers, simply post a picture or text in your fan page. Imagine the scope that you can reach most especially if you already have thousands or millions of likers. You can even engage with your business fans and socialize with them in order to gain some fresh information for your benefit.

What is more to love with creating your Facebook profile and fan page is the fact that you can do these for free. Simply imagine the amount you could be saving just to advertise your business in there. On top of that, this guarantees that your business’ reach will continually increase since Facebook is up 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Talk about effective advertising.