Facebook Advertising Tips for Small Business

Centuries have come and go the nature of man to socialize; the drive to sell and the love to compete haven’t change all throughout human history. From Mesopotamian time up to the present, men are doing commerce. They love to build places for social activities. Like the Greeks who built agora, or the Romans who built the forum, viewers built Facebook. The materials are different but the intentions are the same which are to socialize, sell and compete. Big and small businesses flock to advertise their goods on Facebook, competing to get the interest of the viewers. For the big business who can afford to advertise to their heart’s content, paying a small space in Facebook is not a problem. The problem belongs to the small businesses that are still starting and need capital to rise for their advertising. Facebook gives a great opportunity of posting ads for small businesses. Proper projection of slogans and campaigns are just needed to be effective. Here are some pointers for small businesses on how to sell effectively on Facebook.
1. Internet service is essential in tracking your ad results. To ensure that you are always online in Facebook, secure another internet service provider. Most likely, no two internet networks will bug down at the same time.
2. Give something of yourself. Add personal touch by sending personal comments to your fans. Since Facebook made it possible to transact without meeting face-to-face, you must make your fans feel you are flesh and blood real. Comment on them. Send those emails and updates personally.
3. Nothing compares to good service. Good advertising comes with good service. If you handled your business transaction well, your customer will testify on that. His friends and even his friends’ friends will be the continuation of your service. They will be like chain of opportunities interconnected to one another with you on the lead.
4. Use the picture feature of Facebook to the maximum. Add a picture of your product and share it along side of the positive comments of your former customers who were happy to use your products. Testimonies are good convincing tools.
5. Share it with friends. Use the share button of the Facebook feature to multiply your viewers. Viewers are interconnected to each other; spread your ad by sharing.
6. Suggest “Be a Fan” on your ad. The names of your fans will be flashed on the screen of the target viewer. If he sees his friend is using your product, he will likely to click on it. He might even purchase it if his friend testified on the product you are advertising. This is called the organic impression. Organic impressions are the substantial form of selling since this is an earned attention. Earned attention gets the most chances of having purchasing action.
7. Ask intriguing question on your space ads. Or you can make a profile which has a funny profile name. Write anecdotes and fun slogans. Young people, even the middle-aged love to laugh. They will look forward to your new anecdotes.
8. Add a video clip. Attractive and intriguing video clip gets the attention of the viewer especially if it is on their “most recent stories” tab because it has wider space to watch rather than the sides of the viewer’s screen.
Whether big or small business, Facebook provides an equal opportunity to all players. In fact, Facebook provided all the essential tabs, buttons, space for pictures and demography of the clients. The main job of a small business ad provider is to come up with unique and exciting slogans for the viewers to place their attention to and have buying intent later on.