Facebook Advertising – Why Facebook Ads Work

As of today, Facebook has close to a billion registered users from all over the globe. From a business perspective, that’s a huge piece of income pie. In fact, getting a small chunk of that can set you and your business for life. Sadly, Facebook is torn into two camps. One believes that Facebook advertising works and the other believes that it doesn’t. With this tension, it’s pretty hard to say which side is right. Thankfully, Andrew Lipsman, VP of Industry Analysis for comScore, tried to shed some light on these two separate conclusions.

According to Lipsman, it’s hard to determine which side is wrong or right mainly because there’s not enough data to back up the separate generalizations. In other words, it’s still a guessing game at this point.

But, let’s remove that study for a second and focus on why people insist that Facebook ads work.
1.) People who are logged in to Facebook can influence others to buy products or visit a certain business page. This kind of influence has a strong impact on the way consumers behave. For example, John Doe can LIKE your business’s Facebook page and recommends the page to his friends in the same area. His friends would end up LIKING and visiting the said page.

2.) It’s one thing to generate leads, and it’s a different thing to convert these leads into sales. Thankfully, Facebook doesn’t make it that difficult. People tend to follow the premise of “birds of the same feather”, which basically equates that whatever John is buying from a page, another Jane will also buy from that page; assuming that John and Jane belong to the same social circle or market demographic. With Facebook, it’s easy to define your demographics mainly because everything’s there; the age, sex, and even cultural background of your customers are there in their profile. Facebook makes this easy for you by allowing you to create a Facebook page where people who belong to your marketing demographic can visit.

3.) Facebook makes it easy for you to interact with your customers. Recently, Facebook has added a REPLY feature where page admins can reply to certain comments within the page. This translates to faster and better interaction between business owner and customer. For example, an electronics store can display their products on their Facebook page. If John inquires about the pricing and specification of a certain gadget, the admins will be able to address his inquiries. In this case, the admins are either the business owner or the customer service representatives.