Ideas In Promoting Your Blog In Facebook

Are you looking for the best way to use in promoting your personal or business blog? There is nothing more effective these days than to use social media! In fact, everyone’s at it! Your responsibility does not end with posting your blog in a certain blog site. In fact, it is just the start of a blog task. The main purpose why blogs and blogsites exist is that everyone who is behind each endeavour wants to increase their site traffic. For sure, this cannot be reached if you will just post them and do nothing anymore. You ought to put your effort to leverage them your blog! But then, how to do this? This is the next question.
Now, one of the most perfect social networks that you can use to promote your blogs is Facebook. This social network is not only used by teenagers or young professionals, but businesses have them, too! In fact, millions of workers and employers have accounts in this social network which allows them to be connected with each other. With that many people logging in each day, it’s a sure-fire way to promote your blog in Facebook, indeed!
You can start promoting your blog in Facebook as easy as signing an account in it. Yes, the first thing you have to do is to make yourself a member of this social network. Facebook has gone a lot of changes for the past years and recently, its newest Timeline gives more opportunity to employers, bloggers and job seekers to have themselves branded using the available applications. It is of utmost importance that you make your Facebook account available for others to view. Manage your settings and allow public to view your account. This can increase your connections. With Facebook’s new timeline features, you can have a lot of choices on how you will personalized your profile that may showcase all of your skills, products, your company as well as your blogs. Edit your profile and add the links of your blogs. People who will visit your profile will definitely hit the link that will lead them to your blog or blogs.
Creating your own fan page can further help you promote your blogs. In your facebook account, hit the link that will allow you to create your own fan page. Pick the category where your blog may belong. Mostly, people of the same intention choose the category “Brand, Product or Organization”. You will then be required to place the name of your website, company or business. For easy management, a fan page for your blogs which is separate from your personal account in Facebook is a good idea. Through your fan page, readers of your blogs can share their thoughts about your blog using the discussion board. You can communicate with your readers and viewers plus you can answer their comments. You can start a survey using your fan page by conducting a poll. This will show you the reactions of the readers and allow you to collect data. Facebook has made it possible for its users to customize their fan page like adding more tabs for their convenience.
Do you want more effective ideas? Start with making use of a third party. RSS feeds is the top pick of Facebook users to gain more traffic of their sites or blogs. RSS will provide the latest and all the things that is going on with your blog. Make your updates be visible to the public. Facebook has blog application also which may be easier to adapt. Here you can create new articles for your blogs or you may post your previous blogs that had been already posted online. Update can be faster done and known through this feature.
What makes Facebook more popular than any other social networks is that, it allows its members or users to post ads for free. Many companies, bloggers and businesses use this Facebook feature to promote their interests. The ads will be viewed by all visitors of this social networking siteSeveral groups in Facebook are created by the users where you can be a member. Select those that will give you blog promotion services and other services that can help you endorse your blogs.