Online Turnkey Business Web Site

As an online web site business owner I can tell you it has been an exciting adventure that I still enjoy. Not only has it been profitable, but also the hours required goes down and your income and business grows. This is very exciting to me and I’m sure to the many others that would like to have more of their time back.

One can easily see that good people like myself are looking to start an Online Turnkey Business Web Site by the searches made on the search engines. They are phrases like online business web site online turnkey business web site, business marketing online web, business conferencing meeting online web, advertising business online web and business free online site web just to mention a few.

There is much that is to be learned about this endeavor though, because there are many tiny aspects that can make a big difference in your profit. This particular article is going to be about specific landing pages on your website and the reason behind having more than one.

The first reason of course is that you only want to have a certain amount on you main web page so that it loads fast. Viewers like myself are not going to sit around and wait 60 seconds for a page to load. I just close them down when they don’t come up quickly.

It is important to have a different landing page on your site for each area of you business. For example on my site I have a landing page for Work At Home, Top 10 business, Home Based Business, Moms Jobs, Affiliates, Data Entry, Online Paid Surveys and a link to my real time newsletter.

The reason it is so important, and I did not learn this until after I was plodding along for a year is that when someone types in home based business they expect the next page to be about home based business not work at home or moms jobs or anything else. If what they go to is what they want then you are much more likely to convert them into a customer.

In the world today we suffer from the microwave mentality, whereby we want everything now, we want it fast. Most are not going to take the time to click around the site looking for what they thought they were already going to. They will quickly get frustrated and move on.

If a stay at home mom is looking for work at home jobs for moms then she wants to see exactly that when she clicks on your ad otherwise she may feel like she is being mislead. To tell you the truth I am the same way.

Every little aspect makes a difference. The color of you web site, graphics, content and most importantly the ability to have a conversation with your customer through your website.

Every subtle change in your website landing page, no matter how minuscule, has an effect on your customer. I always recommend change, monitor, analyze, modify and keep continuing the process. Compare the new change to the old one so that you can see which landing page converts best.

Once you have had your website going for awhile there are much more fine tuning to do.

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