Six Steps to Effective Facebook Advertising

As the popularity of social networking is growing and growing, millions of users are interacting in it. As there number and interaction continues to grow, businessmen found a good place to advertise. Facebook is a very potential social networking site to advertise. The main reason for this is that the traffic of users on this webpage is so heavy. It is often used by wide range of people. It is actually a global market. If you get lucky, you can have the whole world as your customer. Luck is not just a one-man-standing factor to have a successful advertising in Facebook. Of course, there is a lot of factors to know how to be effective in advertising in a social networking site, that is Facebook.
What Are The Six Steps To Be Successful Advertisers in Facebook?
The success of a business man depends on how he maneuvers his business through effective advertising. Although, advertising is not the only thing that makes a successful business, it can be a helpful tool to tell the world that you have a business and it is ready to cater them. Here are some points to know how to effectively advertise in Facebook.
1. Know your audience. Facebook is worldwide. Unlike the local market that you will only concentrate on the local behavior and culture, global audience is different in so many points. Knowing what a global market wants is challenging enough. Knowing the global culture is really not a very easy task but, if you are able to target your market, you will likely to have good results.
2. Show what’s hot. People go to Facebook to update with friends, family and other activities that will give them knowledge on recent events. By showing them that your product is the fad of the season, your audience will likely to patronize your product.
3. Gain their friends. Facebook is a site where friends and family share their activities and recent discoveries. By showing the user that one of his friends is using your product is a big leap to convincing him that your product is worth trying for.
4. Make the pictures talk. Use every pixel of your advertising space to your advantage. Optimize your image. Make them clear and unique, at the same time. High quality image alone is a big factor in convincing Facebook users that your product is high quality. Let the pictures tell your story. Make it happy and show a lot of positive energy.
5. Tickle with words. Picture alone cannot tell the whole story. Words are powerful. It can be etched in a Facebook user’s brain for some time. Make your punch lines eye-catching. Funny slogans that are relevant are most likely to get attention. Words that show options and opportunities are also great to attract audience.
6. Value your partner. When a Facebook user “likes” you on Facebook, he becomes your partner. As a partner, he wants to know your recent activities. So, it is valuable to him that you update him about your recent promos, upcoming sale, or new products. It is true that traffic is good for your business. But, maintaining a single and undivided attention of your customer is a big value. Show them your sincere appreciation by maintaining your ties through updating them in their Facebook page.
There is really no basic formula on how to be successful in advertising. You have to have your own instinct. Basic instinct for money is really desirable. If you have this, you will have 50% of the success you are aspiring for, the other half of that is through advertising and maintaining your audience. Facebook has provided you the space you need. It is up to you to make it grand!