Timeline Apps To Add Pinterest To Your Facebook Page

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably have known how this new site have been performing of late. The performance has been short of revolutionary and a lot of marketers are drooling at its potential. We are talking about no ordinary feat here. We are talking about the stellar rise of Pinterest. While it was obscure when it started out, it’s not the same after close to two years of existence. When people took notice that it played the sport with different rules; things started to heat up. By December of 2012 it has become the third-largest social media network behind market leader Facebook and Twitter to nearly 20 million users spending around 410 minutes per month on the average.
However, even with these glaring numbers, Pinterest don’t have what Facebook already has—users. Facebook recently announced that it broke the 1 billion user mark, a feat unprecedented in history. This is the reason why marketers are not exactly about to ditch Facebook with another social media. The fact is that Facebook will be Facebook even if there is fatigue starting to brew among its users. Until such time every one of us gets fed up of Facebook, sites like Pinterest should be content to be on the background.
This is the reason why app developers have developed applications to harness the power of both worlds. The user base of Facebook and the novel approach to communication of Pinterest. Marketers can only get awed by the fantastic potential of getting leverage from these two social media superpowers to fuel their marketing success. If you are still unsure how to do it, here are some ideas and tips that you can use on what great apps to add Pinterest on your Facebook page.
Woobox is a free Facebook app that you can use to help your Pinterest campaigns. This allows you to display your boards in one convenient box within Facebook. Your Facebook fans need not to toggle to the Pinterest boards just to see the activities there. You can already bring Pinterest right on their Facebook accounts. It is safe, reliable and dependable, what more could you ask for.
This app comes for free for pages with 2000 likes or fewer. Its key feature is a customized interface that allows you to showcase selected Pinterest boards. Instead of showing the default Pinterest lay out, Shortstack allows you to customize the layout to your preference. You need to spend some time on how to work with this baby in order to make this thing work for you.
Pinterest tab
This app created by TabFusion needs a license to make it work. The cost far outweighs the benefits of using this app. This tab allows you to display your latest pins right on your Facebook page. This could be effective for marketers that are still starting out with few pins to their credit.
This free app (with a premium version) allows you to showcase your latest pins and updates a virtual pinboard within Facebook.
Applications are created to help marketers get the best of both worlds. You need not to get these apps to become successful but it will surely make your job easier. Marketing for the Internet will become big someday and the pioneers that blazed the trail will surely get their reward someday. For now, cement your legacy with creative marketing and excellent use of tools to make your marketing for both Facebook and Pinterest absolutely awesome.