Wait, Do You Know How FB Advertising Works?

Social networking sites have become very popular and are being used by all types of people from teenagers to senior citizens.Thesuccess of social networking sites is mainly due to their convenience, and this is especially true with Facebook. Today there are around 100 million people in the US alone who are using Facebook. And if Facebook has the ability to connect millions of people around the globe for socializing, why not make the most of it by advertising your service or product through it? Your advertisement, once posted on Facebook can reach millions of consumers everywhere in the world. This is more economical and advantageous than costly pay-per-click ads being seen elsewhere on the net.
One thing you should keep in mind when using Facebook for advertising your products or services is that Facebook users have this particular mindset—they are not willing to leave the page they’re on and go to a less interesting page. So putting up ads that will eventually take them to your own website is not such a good idea. Rather than doing this, focus on developing a Facebook page for your service or product and avoid taking away users from Facebook for something which doesn’t interest them.
Another important point to keep in mind when advertising on Facebook is to ensure that you meet the user’s needs. Using images to draw people to read and learn more about your product is one wise idea. Advertisements with more texts and fewer images are not usually appealing to people.So when creating Facebook advertisements, simply write an interesting short tag line linked to an image. Likewise, it is important to update the ad regularly as old ads won’t attract visitors because they offer nothing new and fresh for them to see. Below are some points on how Facebookadvertising works:
Choose your target market. Users of Facebook provide comprehensive information about themselves such as their education, work, likes, hobbies and many more. When marketing with Facebook, businesses use this valuable information to target those who will most likely be interested in the product or service they’re offering.
Tracking users. Facebook can tell you how many times a user has visited a particular advertisement, but it can’t track what transpires after that visit. Therefore, it will be the company’s responsibility to track if a particular user purchased anything, or just browsed through their ad.
Pop ups. Facebook advertisers understand that traditional advertisements often go unnoticed. So they offer ads with an attractive image accompanied by a short, yet interesting text. Usually, you can run around 3-4 ads in the vertical column on the side of a Facebook page.
Lewd content. Facebook doesn’t accept harmful ads or those that has lewd content as this isn’t fitting for certain age groups. This is one advertising policy that Facebook strictly adheres to. When advertising with Facebook, it is important to familiarize yourself with the advertising policy of Facebook. Know the strict requirements of Facebook on ad campaigns. Doing this can ensure the success of your business.
The more intriguing your ad is, the more likely it will be viewed. It is important to make your ad fun and interesting so that your target market will view it and even share it to other people in their list of friends.
As a final point, advertising on Facebook is not the same with advertising on Google. People rely on Google for information, and not for viewing advertisements. Hence, it will be to your benefit to place your ads on Facebook, where users don’t bother spending a few minutes to go through them.